Positive Pay

Avoid check fraud with this indispensable business banking tool.

Manage Risk with Positive Pay

Do the checks your business issues match those presented for clearance? And if they don’t, how will you know? The only way to be positive is to use Positive Pay.

Positive Pay provides protection against Check and ACH fraud activity by monitoring checks and electronic debits processed for payment, so you can reject unauthorized transactions before losses occur. It can be a costly process establishing a new deposit account if you fall victim of fraud. With Positive Pay, you can have peace of mind knowing you have complete control over what debits the account.

  • Upload a file or manually enter issued checks
  • As checks clear they are matched to the check listing on file
  • Set up a list of ACH transactions that are pre-approved
  • Receive email notification when items need review
  • Account Reconciliation gives you access to a variety of tools and reports
  • Functionality available for multiple online banking user

Set up Positive Pay

Visit your local branch or contact our Cash Management Group at 860.688.8511 or email CashManagement@windsorfederal.com   

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