Wire Transfers

Multi-layered security to move money anywhere in the world safely and quickly.

Online Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Through our online banking module Wire Transfer Service, business and consumer customers can send domestic and international wires directly to any beneficiary that is set up in the system. Real-time, secure emails can be set up to confirm the details of any incoming and outgoing wire transfers. Dual user approval and initiate functionality available.

Added Layer of Security

Rest assured Windsor Federal Bank provides an extra layer of security in addition to the security features included in the online banking system.

Tips for Wire Transfers

Do not accept wiring instructions over email. If a vendor or individual is communicating wiring instructions through email, call them directly to verify instructions, in order to ensure the money you are planning to wire is going to the correct destination and not to someone who may have hacked into the account of the party you are trying to do business with.

Learn More About Wire Transfers

Contact our Cash Management Group at 860.688.8511 or email CashManagement@windsorfederal.com  

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