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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

As of 6/16/2024

Certificate of Deposit (CD) Account Rates
TermMinimum to Open & Earn APYInterest RateAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)
Term3 MonthsMinimum to Open & Earn APY$1,000Interest Rate0.10%Annual Percentage Yield (APY)0.10%
Term6 MonthsMinimum to Open & Earn APY$1,000Interest Rate0.10%Annual Percentage Yield (APY)0.10%
Term8 Months – SpecialMinimum to Open & Earn APY$1,000Interest Rate4.17%Annual Percentage Yield (APY)4.25%
Term12 MonthsMinimum to Open & Earn APY$1,000Interest Rate0.15%Annual Percentage Yield (APY)0.15%
Term18 MonthsMinimum to Open & Earn APY$1,000Interest Rate0.20%Annual Percentage Yield (APY)0.20%
Term24 MonthsMinimum to Open & Earn APY$1,000Interest Rate0.25%Annual Percentage Yield (APY)0.25%
Term36 MonthsMinimum to Open & Earn APY$1,000Interest Rate0.35%Annual Percentage Yield (APY)0.35%
Term48 MonthsMinimum to Open & Earn APY$1,000Interest Rate0.40%Annual Percentage Yield (APY)0.40%
Term60 MonthsMinimum to Open & Earn APY$1,000Interest Rate0.50%Annual Percentage Yield (APY)0.50%

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are subject to a substantial penalty for any withdrawal of principal prior to maturity. The penalty amount is equal to ninety (90) days interest on CD terms of less than 12 months, one hundred and eighty (180) days interest on CDs with terms of 18 months but less than 36 months and three hundred and sixty (360) days interest on CD terms of 36 months or greater whether earned or not, on the amount withdrawn at the nominal (simple) interest rate being paid on the account regardless of the length of time the funds withdrawn have remained in the account. This penalty will be waived in the event of the death of any Accountholder or when any Accountholder has been determined to be legally incompetent by a court or other administrative body. The stated yield for CDs of less than one year assumes the reinvestment of principal and interest at the same rate, although the rate may not be available upon renewal. CD accounts must be opened with a minimum deposit of $1,000.00. If the balance drops below the minimum balance requirement during the term, the interest rate and APY is reduced to the posted Statement Savings interest rate and APY. The APY assumes that principal and interest remain on deposit for one (1) year at the listed interest rate. This information does not constitute all of the rules for CDs, which are subject to all applicable Federal and State regulations, and to the terms of the Windsor Federal Bank Deposit Account Agreement.

Interest on all accounts is compounded monthly from day of deposit to day of withdrawal and shall be credited to the account monthly.

Fees and other conditions may reduce the earnings on the account.

The Deposit Rates quoted are accurate as of the date at the top of this page. All deposit rates and annual percentage yields offered are subject to change without notice.

For full account details, please contact the branch office most convenient to you or call our Customer Care Center at 860-688-8511.

Visit your local bank branch to open an account.

If you want a guaranteed return on money you can set aside for a while, you want a Business CD. Ready to get started? Make an appointment at your local bank branch, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

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